Friend 2 Friend Referral Program

100 days of $100

Campaign dates March 15, 2023 to June 23, 2023 5:00 PM EST

  • Customer must be an active HolstonConnect customer.
  • Customer must complete online submission via website.
  • Referring customer will receive a one time bill credit of $100.00 for each referred new HolstonConnect customer sign up for an active account.
  • Rewards are bill credits only. No cash value or eligible refunds will be applicable.
  • Holston Electric Cooperative and/or HolstonConnect employees, board members, management are not eligible to participate in the Friend 2 Friend Referral Program.
  • For a full list of terms and conditions, go to the last step in this form.
Service Address
Service Address
Friend 2 Friend Referral Program Basic Terms & Conditions

1. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions the “referrer” shall be defined as the existing HolstonConnect Broadband consumer who is making a referral to a “referent” (potential new customer). Customers transferring from one service location to another will not be considered a “new customer,” and will not be eligible to receive an incentive.

2. New customers (referent) can only be referred by one customer. All submittals will be time stamped, and the applicable customer referrer who referred “first” shall be awarded the incentive. Time stamped: emails will include date received and cards will include space for the MSR to initial and record a date received.

3. If a referent (new customer) does not / cannot validate the referrer (existing customer providing referral), the referrer shall receive incentive payment for the HolstonConnect Friend 2 Friend Referral Program. Validation shall be defined as the referrer must include valid email and phone number for the potential new customer (referent).

4. Offer valid on new customer signups in HolstonConnect serviceable areas. New signups may be considered ineligible to retain incentives if service is canceled within 90 days.

5. Offer is only valid for referrals per the code and date provided.

6. Referrer Customers must submit online form or referral card recommending a referral.

7. There is no cost to customers who wish to participate in any HolstonConnect Referral Program.

8. In the case of a duplicate Prospective or Existing Customer Referral, only the first eligible Referral received through the proper Program process will be considered for compensation.

9. Customers may earn incentives for each Referral which results in a sale of eligible Services equal to the incentive schedule below: Product/Service

Bill Credit

Payable To




10. Subject to possible delays. HolstonConnect reserves the right to charge back the referrer (new customer) any incentives paid for HolstonConnect customers that cancel or discontinue any Product or Service within the first 90 days after a Product or Service is operational and billable. Successful Friend-2-Friend Referral Program participants may accumulate a running credit; however, HolstonConnect will not reward / mail customers incentive checks or reimburse cash value. Rewards are bill credits only. HolstonConnect is not responsible for any incentive paid to you that may violate specific policies to which you are subjected.

11. Customers will be rewarded near the first billing provided HolstonConnect Internet service install order has been activated.

12. Those eligible to receive incentives for successful referrals must be a purchasing HolstonConnect Broadband customer and must have secured HolstonConnect Broadband services within the last 30 days from the initial date of the referral submittal. (A “successful referral” shall be any referral that initiates a closed sale / order installation.)

13. Residential customers are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 5 referrals or up to $500 each calendar year. This program is not available to business customers.

14. Not valid with any other promotions, with the exception for those who purchase HolstonConnect Package offers.

15. Incentives may not be applied to electric accounts.

16. Non-eligible referrals are:

a. Self-referrers (i.e. Customers living in the same household may not refer each other.)

b. Anyone under the age of 18

c. Anyone who does not have a HolstonConnect Broadband account

d. Account receiving credit must be active at time of applied credit. Inactive accounts are not eligible for credits.

21. HolstonConnect reserves the right to amend or modify the HolstonConnect Friend-2-Friend Referral Program at any time (including credit amounts and market availability) or discontinue the program without advanced notice.

22. Other restrictions may apply.