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Holston Electric Cooperative and HolstonConnect send certain marketing and advertising messages to you. If you do not want to be contacted by phone, email, or direct mail or sales, please visit our website and complete the opt out form. If you are a Holston Electric Cooperative Member or HolstonConnect subscriber, adding your contact information to the HolstonConnect Do Not Contact List will NOT prevent you from receiving informational or notification mailings, telephone calls, texts, or emails from HolstonConnect regarding your current services or from collection agencies representing Holston Electric Cooperative or HolstonConnect; you shall still receive those. Holston Electric Cooperative and HolstonConnect may still use automated dialing systems or pre-recorded messages on Subscriber’s cellular phone or landline to communicate billing notifications, service notifications, appointment confirmations, and account status updates. It is possible you might still receive marketing or promotional contact within (30) days of the date of submission of the opt-out form, which must be completed for each service account.

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